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From Point A to Point B

My dog died last Saturday.

This isn't a post about that. I don't think I'll be able to write anything about him for a long time. No, this post is about something else: Progress. Or at least change. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much in my life has - and hasn't - changed in the past five years. 2012 doesn't seem all that long ago, but just from reading posts I wrote from back then really shows just how far away it is.

I might elaborate more about this in another post, but the most obvious way I changed in the past few years is that I came to terms with my sexual orientation. Yesterday, I read a comment I had written on a photo set I had created a few years ago that essentially said "wow, for a straight guy I really chose a lot of pictures of boys kissing." I seem to remember a lot of that kind of insistence in my high school and early college years. 2012 me would be really surprised at how fucking gay 2017 me is.

I also like that I'm not as afraid of doing new things and talking to other people (well, mostly). I'm also a lot more focused on my health and finances than I used to be, but that can be attributed more to not being in school than anything.

Slowly getting back into a mood where I can actually write again - both like this and for fiction. It's been ages since I've posted something to AO3 and I'd like to change that soon.

Not sure what else to say. xoxo

Watch Status Roundup:
Digimon Tamers - 12/51
Cardcaptor Sakura - 11/75
The X-Files - 74/210
The Golden Girls Extended Universe - 54/442