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fh14 ([personal profile] fh14) wrote2016-10-16 05:47 pm
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Blog Relaunch

So I haven't used this blog in a number of years, and even back when I did use it, it tended to be a bit of a mess. So I've done some maintenance over the past day and I'm relaunching it with a new theme. The old entries still exist but have either been privated or friend-locked.

Over the past couple of years I've started to splinter my social media accounts. In 2012-13 I was pretty exclusively using my Tumblr account for everything, but circa 2015 I decided to revive my Twitter account for more miscellaneous posting so as not to clog up my blog. It's gotten to the point where I no longer make long text posts there, which is theoretically what I'd use this account for going forward.

So yeah, I'm actually kind of looking forward to using this website again.

(Also I forgot about the Mood-Music-Location fields and it's making me very nostalgic.)
jammerlea: (Priest Roma)

[personal profile] jammerlea 2016-10-17 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, this is totally better for longer posts, and not so... idk out there as tumblr. I always miss the LJ format for discussions.

Nice theme!