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RIP LiveJournal

So I haven't updated this blog in months for a few reasons. Chiefly among them being that this blog in it's current form didn't exist until a few days ago, as it's contents were located on LiveJournal and not DreamWidth. Yes, due to LJ's new Terms of Service putting the site under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, I've joined the hoards of people who imported their blogs over to DreamWidth and shut down their LiveJournal accounts.

"But Andrew," you may ask, "The TOS change only happened last week. Why haven't you blogged at all over the last few months, you lazy sack of shit?" Well the short answer is I haven't really felt up to it due to the current state of the world, but the more pointed explanation is that I was aware of LiveJournal's server move to Russia back in December and I've been waiting for this shoe to drop for a while. Kind of kills your enthusiasm for a using a website when there's a good chance you'll have to shut down your account soon.

I held off on moving to DreamWidth until now because, frankly, I was hoping that LiveJournal wouldn't pull the trigger on that policy change. Now that they have, I'm just sad. Like, Before I really used Twitter or Tumblr with any sort of frequency, LiveJournal was my online hub. I invested a lot of time and energy into the website and its communities and the fact that they might strip that history away at any given moment is extremely frustrating. I have imports going for other blogs and communities I have a hand in, so I'm crossing my fingers that this all goes off without a hitch.

On a separate but related note, I really liked my theme on LJ and none of the DW ones are all that great. The one I have now is okay, but its entirely possible I'll change it soon.

I said this a lot the last few entries but I'm gonna try to update this site more. I finished consuming large media pieces over the last few months that I'd love to talk about, so maybe I'll start there.

On that note, thanks DreamWidth ([site community profile] dw_news) for being here. It would've really sucked if this was truly the end.
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I saw your crosspost of this post on tumblr and actually it's possible to import your LJ custom theme on your DW blog! Here's a tutorial on how to :) https://starlit.dreamwidth.org/272.html
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[personal profile] manubibi 2017-04-12 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)
That's weird... try contacting the OP of that tutorial? :/