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Spycraft: The AJC Missions Original Soundtrack

With Alex's help, I've compiled a soundtrack for the Spycraft campaign she ran for several years, ascribing it the moniker Spycraft: The AJC Missions.

Linear Notes:
- For Track 2, Alex couldn't remember the exact song she had used years ago - only that it was a "happy hardcore" song, with the listed track used as an example.
- For Track 9, I chopped off the very beginning of the song where Alvin talks to Dave, as its approximately 20 seconds of extremely slowed down talking in 16 Speed.
- For Track 10, I chose the Junior Vasquez Electric Circus version because it conveyed the atmosphere of the scene, which originally was backed by a live performance of poor audio quality.

Roll Chroniclers OOC Twitter | My Reflections on Spycraft: The AJC Missions

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