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7th-Nov-2016 10:25 am - Comfort Food
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I wasn't planning on updating this today, but I figured it would be cathartic since I've been spinning out the past few days due to stress from the election. I have an anxiety disorder so I don't handle stress particularly well on a good day, so it hasn't exactly been fun trying to deal with all this.

I'm in a slightly better mood at the moment though, because one of my favorite YouTube channels updated for the first time in months and it managed to even me out in a way that nothing else has been able to.

Come to think of it, I've never actually tried Kimchi... )
31st-Oct-2016 11:36 pm - Ghosts of Halloweens Past
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I think, especially lately, I can't help but feel let down by holidays because I've built them up so much in my head. Like, there's this idealized image of what "Halloween" should look like and its the thing found in movies like "Hocus Pocus" and "Halloweentown" - only the latter of which I remembered to watch this year.

In this town called Halloween... )
Happy Halloween!
21st-Oct-2016 10:40 am - A Brief History of My Internet Usage
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I was going to do a write-up of my complicated relationship with the lonelygirl15 franchise yesterday when the week's new video was posted, but it never was. So I'm probably going to sit and wait on those thoughts until I'm riding the high of new content.

That's really my goal for this blog: Longer, in-depth entries about specific topics. A lot of it will probably be media, but I might do some kind of entry on Election Day in order to help cleanse my soul of that whole horrific event. I'd probably still do entries like this but not as frequently as I do them now. To me honest a lot of the "miscellaneous thoughts" that would make up these types of entries is better suited to tweets. Now that I think about it I probably should've written something for Spirit Day yesterday but oh well.

Maybe I'll go over my internet usage history now, since it seems like as good a time as any.

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Watch Status Roundup:
Ashita no Nadja - 32/50
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 28/125
The X-Files - 62/210
19th-Oct-2016 10:46 am - It's a blog about something...
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I meant to update this last night but I fell asleep almost immediately. It's a good thing my LSAT class was a diagnostic I'd already done, because there was no way I was staying awake.

Still haven't watched last week's episode of HTGAWM. I watched the very beginning of it, but I could sense that something bad/embarrassing/cringe-inducing was about to happen so I paused it and I haven't gone back to it. Tonight I'm gonna try to stream it on my Apple TV to see if I can get through it. Same with last week's episode of Bob's Burgers. I finally got caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine though, so at least I can hang my hat on that.

As far as blog maintanence goes, I'm pretty happy with the new setup, but I'm not really happy with the old icons I have on here. I like some of them, but others not so much. I'm torn about deleting them though, because it feels like a part of my history I shouldn't erase, but at the same time I've hit my icon storage limit and idk if getting a paid account so I can upload more icons is worth it at this point. I may just sit on what I have currently and wait and see how I feel in a month, and if I continue to use this account like I'm hoping. I do like my blog layout more than the one on my dreamwidth writing account though, which is weird considering I think dreamwidth has a better theme selection overall.

Due to the inactivity in the [livejournal.com profile] hetalia community, I'm contemplating doing some kind of "Weekly News Roundup" post on there. It would also be good way to motivate me to stay on top of the news post on the hetaliaarchives tumblr as well, since I haven't been great about that the past few weeks. That community is still wayyyyy more active than the dreamwidth one though, which makes me feel good about pushing back on that move a couple of years back. Since Friday is Hetalia Day I might take that opportunity to start that.

I have some ideas for future entries that won't be as scattered as this one, including reflections on my time in certain fandoms. But for now I'm just happy I remembered to update this.

Watch Status Roundup:
Ashita no Nadja - 31/50
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 28/125
The X-Files - 62/210

16th-Oct-2016 05:47 pm - Blog Relaunch
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So I haven't used this blog in a number of years, and even back when I did use it, it tended to be a bit of a mess. So I've done some maintenance over the past day and I'm relaunching it with a new theme. The old entries still exist but have either been privated or friend-locked.

Over the past couple of years I've started to splinter my social media accounts. In 2012-13 I was pretty exclusively using my Tumblr account for everything, but circa 2015 I decided to revive my Twitter account for more miscellaneous posting so as not to clog up my blog. It's gotten to the point where I no longer make long text posts there, which is theoretically what I'd use this account for going forward.

So yeah, I'm actually kind of looking forward to using this website again.

(Also I forgot about the Mood-Music-Location fields and it's making me very nostalgic.)
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